Establishing an Effective Global Product Stewardship Surveillance and Advocacy System

Patrice Szczygiel Lead Instructor
ExxonMobil Chemical
Machelen, Belgium 
Dr Robert Skoglund Instructor
Covestro LLC
Pittsburgh, PA 
Mon, 9/9: 1:00 PM  - 5:00 PM 
Workshop Half Day 
Greater Columbus Convention Center 
Room: A 211 


The number and complexity of global chemical management regulations continues to increase at an accelerated pace. Establishing processes and tools to track, interpret, advocate, and prepare for emerging and changing regulations is extremely challenging. Presenters will examine various options for each of these four steps and discuss the pros and cons of each approach. The goal for participants is to develop a strategy for being an engaged partner in the development of effective, science-based, fit-for-purpose, chemical management regulations.

This half-day workshop is specifically designed for new and early career product stewards, as well as mid-career professionals looking to enhance their core competencies; industrial hygienists and other EHS professionals wanting to better understand regulatory surveillance and advocacy; and professionals actively involved in advocacy activities, including legal, public affairs, and businesses.

Learning Objectives

Through this workshop, attendees will:

1) Understand the four steps in managing emerging and changing chemical management regulations
2) Analyze the various options for tracking, interpreting, advocating, and preparing for emerging and changing chemical management regulations
3) Create a strategy for ensuring effective, science-based, fit-for-purpose, chemical management regulations


Instructional Methods

1) TED Talk style lectures to frame the issues and possible solutions
2) Interactive discussion with participants to establish pros and cons of various options, combining experience of instructors and participants
3) Deep dives into case studies to highlight successes and failures
4) Workshop style wrap-up focused on individual strategies 

Learning/Experience Level



Emerging Articles Regulations
Emerging Chemical Regulatory Issues/Global Regulations
Emerging Extended Producer Responsibility Requirements