Collaborative Workshop on Attracting, Developing, and Retaining a New Generation of Product Stewards

Mon, 9/9: 1:00 PM  - 5:00 PM 
Workshop Half Day 
Greater Columbus Convention Center 


The multilateral four-hour learning session on ADR is geared towards managers looking to collaborate on new and exciting methods to build and sustain a strong Product Stewardship Program talent pool. Attendees will formulate methodologies, tactics, and identify potential resource as part of a talent management program via small workgroup sessions and presentations to their peers. Participants will leave the workshop with tangible takeaways, a new network of peers, a new exciting take on talent management, and input into an overall session handbook to be published post-conference. This workshop is an extension of past, and highly regarded, Product Stewardship Society Conference presentations "Attracting, Developing, and Retaining (ADR) a New Generation of Product Stewards" and "Lessons in Product Stewardship Leadership."

Learning Objectives

• Overall interactive learning focused on attracting, developing and retaining (ADR) a new generation of product stewards
• Guided discovery and small group working sessions
• Publish an overall session handbook several weeks after workshop 

Instructional Methods

Workshop Structure
o Review 18 and 19 Presentations as setting the foundation to enable creative thoughts/ideas – 30 min
o Group work sessions #1 – Report out for ADR – 1 hr
 4-5 participants per group
 Report out will include success opportunities and potential pitfalls
o Break – 10 min
o Group work session #2 – Report out – 1 hr
 Combination of session #1 and forming two groups
 Report out: ADR for new Product Stewardship group formation, enhancing an existing group
o Break – 10 min
o Socialization of findings - 15 min
o Overall summary and discussion period – 30 min
o Publish an overall session handbook 4 weeks post-conference