Consumer Products: Modeling vs. Measuring User Exposures

Jonathan Hellerstein, MS, CIH, CSP Moderator
Carpenter Company
Richmond, VA 
United States of America
Patrick Sheehan, Ph.D. Presenter
Oakland, CA 
United States of America
Jonathan Hellerstein, MS, CIH, CSP Co-Presenter
Carpenter Company
Richmond, VA 
United States of America
Wed, 9/11: 9:30 AM  - 10:30 AM 
Standard Session 
Greater Columbus Convention Center 
Room: A 216 


Attendees at this interactive session will discuss considerations from both technical and business perspectives when selecting an approach to characterize user exposures to chemicals from use of consumer products.

Our discussion will highlight the benefits and limitations of publicly accessible exposure models versus performing measurements during actual or simulated consumer product uses. The audience will actively participate using Poll Everywhere (or similar app) to respond to real-time thought-provoking questions posed during the presentation with audience responses displayed.

Considering stewardship objectives, we will provide a general discussion of considerations in selecting an approach to characterize user exposure to consumer products, followed by examples comparing exposure characterizations for different kinds of products based on using both modeling and measurement approaches.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will:

1. Explain critical considerations including representativeness, accuracy and precision requirements, replication needs, level of effort, timing, and costs that would support a modeling-based versus measurement-based exposure assessment approach
2. Identify the benefits and limitations in the currently available consumer product exposure models and what added value measurement-based approaches could provide when favored
3. Explain differences in exposure estimates for scenarios evaluated with both a modeling and measurement approaches 

Learning/Experience Level



Product Stewardship Risk Assessments