Developments in Global Packaging: How EPR Fees Impact Packaging Design and Corporate Sustainability

Victor Bell Moderator
Environmental Packaging International
Jamestown, RI 
United States of America
Victor Bell Presenter
Environmental Packaging International
Jamestown, RI 
United States of America
Wed, 9/11: 9:30 AM  - 10:30 AM 
Standard Session 
Greater Columbus Convention Center 


In this session, attendees will take a closer look at what extended producer responsibility schemes in different parts of the world truly cost, including Canada, Asia, and Europe. We will evaluate how these programs may change as new policies are introduced, including the revised Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive in Europe, and movements to full EPR in parts of Canada.

We will investigate how EPR fees are structured to provide tools for companies to understand these costs. Modified fees send signals to producers about packaging design, and this session will discuss why companies must have an in-depth understanding of fees in order to integrate them into the cost of goods and reflect them in their design protocol.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, attendees will:

1. Interpreting a deeper understanding of future packaging extended producer responsibility projections
2. Summarize their knowledge of the structure of modulating fees to packaging design in order to lower fees and also create more circular packaging
3. Discover tools that are available to help companies measure their sustainability goals 

Learning/Experience Level



Emerging Extended Producer Responsibility Requirements