Implementing the Revised Prop 65 Workplace Warning Rules for California and Out-of-State Employers

Lawrence Lawrence Halprin Moderator
Keller and Heckman
Washington, DC 
Lawrence Lawrence Halprin Presenter
Keller and Heckman
Washington, DC 
Wed, 9/11: 9:30 AM  - 10:30 AM 
Standard Session 
Greater Columbus Convention Center 


California EPA amended Proposition 65, warning requirements for listed chemicals, effective August 30, 2018. In this session, we will cover the significantly expanded and ambiguous Prop 65 workplace warning requirements. These are applicable to California employers and the potential business and legal risks associated with Prop 65 workplace warning requirements for out-of-state suppliers to California.

Learning Objectives

Following this presentation, attendees should:

1. Summarize the new Prop 65 warning requirements applicable to California employers

2. Explain the alternative approaches to Prop 65 workplace compliance for California employers and the considerations to be weighed in selecting a particular approach

3. Identify the role of the out-of-state product supplier in the Prop 65 compliance scheme 

Learning/Experience Level



Emerging Extended Producer Responsibility Requirements