PFAS Risk: Past, Present, and Future

Lisa Gallagher Moderator
Praedicat, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA 
United States of America
Tom Hill, JD Presenter
General Electric
Los Angeles, CA 
Wed, 9/11: 8:00 AM  - 9:00 AM 
Standard Session 
Greater Columbus Convention Center 
Room: A 213, A 214 


PFAS persist as do concerns about their safety. The most notorious of the PFAS - PFOA and PFOS - have largely been phased out of production in the United States. But US industries still employ a wide-range of lesser-studied PFOA and PFOS substitutes, some of which are now at the center of emerging litigation.

What is the state of PFAS science? What is the potential to impact human health and the environment? Keeping up with them and staying ahead of the new ones is a daunting task.

During this session, we will share analyses of the current and potential risk posed by lower profile PFAS, many of which are being used as substitutes for those that are known to be harmful. We will also discuss strategies for leveraging available information to develop more proactive approaches to manage the health and environmental risks posed by the substances and chemicals you produce and use, from new product development to insurance strategy to claims management.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, attendees will:
• Explain the risks posed by newer PFAS
• Recall strategies for proactive, rather than reactive, risk management
• Recognize tools to help monitor the science and evaluate many heterogenous risks 

Learning/Experience Level



Product Stewardship Risk Assessments