Unintended Consequences: The Case Against "Natural"

Wed, 9/11: 8:00 AM  - 9:00 AM 
Standard Session 
Greater Columbus Convention Center 


The modern "clean label" consumer is looking beyond natural or simple food and beverages; those attributes have always been only a starting point, not a destination. This consumer has much higher expectations for the products they are purchasing, a complexity the industry has found difficult to understand and impossible to predict. But there is an explanation!

If you think this population is your target market and you are stopping at "natural" or "organic" or "non-GMO," you need to attend this session. The push for "natural" ingredients has real, unintended, negative consequences and our consumers will hold the food industry accountable when we fail here (and we WILL fail here). Leave excited to revisit your brand values and product strategies: it's time to talk about a new generation of food that is responsibly - intentionally - artificial.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:
1. Apply the integral framework for analyzing evolving worldviews
2. Explain the inner drivers of the consumer, not just the outward actions, choices, and results
3. Leverage specific stages in cultural psychological development to predict and prioritize choices and trade-offs
4. Understand common myths about the "clean" consumer and why they aren't true (or don't matter to your product)