The Regulators Unquenchable Thirst for Information (Beyond the SDS)

Carrie Decatur Moderator
Sugar Grove, IL 
United States of America
Carrie Decatur Presenter
Sugar Grove, IL 
United States of America
Thu, 9/12: 9:45 AM  - 10:15 AM 
Express Session 
Greater Columbus Convention Center 
Room: A 213, A 214 


Regulators have an insatiable need for data. There seems to be a belief that given enough data, we can keep people safe. Once such data is collected, it can be communicated and we all feel safe in the knowledge that it is there.

However, do the people consuming the data really understand what is being communicated with them? When does the amount of data being requested become a burden to those trying to provide it?

Using examples from Prop 65 warnings to EU Poison Centers and the idea of "toxicovigilance," we will discuss the data being requested, what it is being used for, as well as staying informed so that we can cope with the requirements facing us.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will:
1. Summarize the different types of data that regulators are looking for
2. Explain how this data is expected to be communicated
3. Recall how the data is being used by the regulators 

Learning/Experience Level



Emerging Product Stewardship Issues