Identifying and Addressing Product Stewardship Priorities During a Business Restructuring

Dr. Kevin Kransler, Ph.D. Moderator
SI Group
Schenectady, NY 
United States of America
Dr. Kevin Kransler, Ph.D. Presenter
SI Group
Schenectady, NY 
United States of America
Jenny Liu Co-Presenter
Momentive Performance Materials
Waterford, NY 
United States of America
Kari Mavian Co-Presenter
SI Group
Schenectedy, NY 
United States of America
Maryann Sanders Co-Presenter
Novi, MI 
United States of America
Tue, 9/10: 1:30 PM  - 3:00 PM 
Deep Dive Session 
Greater Columbus Convention Center 
Room: A 213, A 214 


Businesses must constantly evolve and change to compete, stay relevant, and bring value to their shareholders. One way this is accomplished is through a business restructuring from a merger & acquisition (M&A) or divestiture.

We know that product stewardship is a critical business partner, but if you are faced with a M&A or divestiture, what work does the function need to accomplish to ensure a successful outcome?

In this panel discussion, product stewardship leaders who have faced a business restructuring will share their experiences in guiding organizations through them. We will identify key work activities these events require and the best practices that can be utilized to successfully accomplish them.

Based on this discussion, the panel will develop a guidance document that can be referenced by those in a similar situation.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify key considerations and questions to ask when planning for a business restructuring that may impact the product stewardship function

2. Summarize key activities the product stewardship function must address during a business restructuring

3. Utilize the best practices identified to help the product stewardship function support a business restructuring 

Learning/Experience Level



Product Stewardship Program Management