An Update on European Poison Centers

Craig Thomson Moderator
NCEC, Part of Ricardo
Didcot, Oxfordshire 
United Kingdom
Craig Thomson Presenter
NCEC, Part of Ricardo
Didcot, Oxfordshire 
United Kingdom
Tue, 9/10: 11:30 AM  - 12:00 PM 
Express Session 
Greater Columbus Convention Center 
Room: A 216 


Regulations for poison center notification within Europe for organizations putting mixtures on the market are complex and difficult to achieve. We will provide an update from 2018 on the changes with the implementation of the harmonized system within Europe, including updates on timescales for deadlines, availability of IT systems, and feedback from the EU's member states.

We'll also discuss the pre-2020 position and how to comply with current regulations, providing focus on the post-2020 situation and the specific activities which organizations should complete in order to comply with these regulations.

We'll look at the current state of the IT tools created by ECHA to facilitate notifications to all of the EU's member states through a single tool and provide an update to the reality of that aspiration. Their stance to the harmonized approach and whether there has been any change in position will also be discussed

Finally, we'll revisit the timetable and deadlines, providing an update where they exist, and whether trade associations have been successful in delaying these.

Learning Objectives

1. Explain what the current position within Europe is on poison centers
2. Discuss approaches taken by the various EU member states with regards to implementing the harmonized system
3. Analyze the actual steps required in practice to achieve the first deadline of 1 January 2020, once the final position from ECHA is known 

Learning/Experience Level



Emerging Chemical Regulatory Issues/Global Regulations