Our review feature can be set up with any project, and allow any user to select from a category/type of submission they would volunteer to review.  The review form can be set up to score submissions, capture reviewer comments to be shared with the committee, and share comments back to the submitter, once a submission is accepted or rejected.  

All clients are assigned a designated project manager.  The project manager works hand in hand with the client to assign users and category/types of submissions for review, and client email templates for submitter decisions.

Listed below are some of the review tools.


Communication and Decision Tool

All of our sites are equipped with the option to utilize our communication tool to send emails which note: decisions, invitations, acknowledgments, confirmations, and reminders.  


Review Forms By Submission Type

Whether you have posters, a technical program, or a symposium, a different role will be assigned to the reviewer based on the type of submission they have been assigned too.  Reviewers will find their assigned submissions in their "My Review" tab.

Grading Results

Grading Results

Reviewers using our feature are able to track their overall grading results.


Reviewer Feedback

Our system provides for reviewer feedback which is able to be made public so that a submitter can view the feedback.