PDC 601: Preparing for the Changes in California Proposition 65 Requirements

James Kapin, CIH Lead Instructor
Escondido, CA 
United States of America
Sun, 5/31: 1:00 PM  - 5:00 PM 
Professional Development Course 
Georgia World Congress Center - Building B 
Room: B407 


California's Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, requires warnings on products that could expose California consumers and employees to listed carcinogens or reproductive toxins. As of August 30, 2018, the requirements for warnings have changed, and businesses will need to provide updated warnings. This PDC will provide attendees the information they need to: a) recognize potential exposures; b) evaluate those exposures with respect to Prop 65 No Significant Risk Levels and Maximum Allowable Dose Levels; and c) implement controls that comply with Prop 65 requirements.

*Please note: Only participants registering for two (2) half-day PDCs on the same day will receive a box lunch.

**Please note: power strips will not be provided at each attendee's seat; however, charging stations for laptops will be provided in each course room.

Course Outline

• What is Proposition 65?
• Enforcement of Prop 65 Requirements
• Recent Changes to Prop 65 Warning Requirements
• Testing and Exposure Assessment
• Safe Harbor Language and Text Requirements
• Who Should Provide a Warning?
• Communicating Safe Harbor Warnings
• Public Entrance Warnings
• Accessibility and Locations for Warnings
• Short Form Warnings
• Requirements for Signs
• Languages other than English
• Environmental Exposures
• Environmental Warnings
• Occupational Exposures and Warnings
• Tailored Warnings 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

• Recognize potential exposures to Prop 65 listed carcinogens and reproductive toxins.
• Evaluate exposures with respect to NSRL and MADL thresholds.
• Identify requirements for consumer, environmental, and occupational exposures.
• Develop warnings for potential exposures that meet prop 65 requirements. 

Value Added

Participants will receive the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide consumer, environmental, and occupational warnings consistent with the Prop 65 requirements.  

Business Case/IH Value Statement

Compliance with Prop 65 warning requirements on workplaces and on consumer commodities will help businesses avoid costly lawsuits and legal settlements 

Course Level


Learning Aids


Learning Level(s)



Communication and Training
Risk Assessment and Management

Transfer of Knowledge

Group activities
Hands-on demonstrations and practicum
Practice exercises