PDC 601: How to Assess and Manage Nanomaterial Risks

LCDR Adrienne Eastlake Lead Instructor
Cincinnati, OH 
United States of America
Ms Laura Hodson, CIH, FAIHA Instructor
Cincinnati, OH 
United States of America
Sun, 5/19: 1:00 PM  - 5:00 PM 
Professional Development Course 
Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC) 
Room: L100E 
CM Credit Hours: 3.5 


This class will provide a process for the management of nanomaterials, which includes: anticipating where nanomaterials exist in the workplace, recognizing the potential occupational exposures, evaluating exposures, control based on prevention through design, control banding tools, and a risk management plan. Using nanomaterial exposure scenarios, breakout groups will create a sampling plan, analyze data, and evaluate engineering controls. Participants will be provided information on how to apply hazard and control banding for a nanomaterial. This half-day class may be taken alone or as a complementary class to the half-day PDC 502: Nanotechnology – Old Theories and New Concepts

*Please note: Only participants registering for two (2) half-day PDCs on the same day will receive a box lunch.

**Please note: power strips will not be provided at each attendee's seat; however, charging stations for laptops will be provided in each course room.

Course Outline

• Introduction to Nanomaterials
• Exposure Assessment for Nanomaterials
• Risk Management and Prevention through Design Principles
• Control Banding as Applied to Nanomaterials 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

• Assess a workplace for nanomaterials.
• Determine what types of industrial hygiene samples should be collected.
• Develop a sampling plan.
• Determine if controls are adequate and apply the hierarchy of controls.
• Apply a control banding tool to a nanomaterial. 


Participants should have a basic understanding of engineered nanomaterials, IH sampling techniques, and the hierarchy of controls. It is recommended to take this course in conjunction with PDC 502: Nanotechnology – Old Theories and New Concepts. 

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