PDC 102: Fentanyl and High-Potency Drugs Operational Safety - NEW!

Dr. John Murphy, PhD ROH CIH Lead Instructor
Resource EHS
Cambridge, MA 
United States of America
Sat, 5/18: 8:00 AM  - 5:00 PM 
Professional Development Course 
Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC) 
Room: M100C 
CM Credit Hours:


Are personnel in your organization at risk of accidental exposure to high potency drugs in the workplace? Do you know the risks associated with Fentanyl and other high potency drugs? Are appropriate measures in place to safely handle, process, and secure high potency drugs? Do you know what actions to take in case of unprotected contact or medical emergency? This course is designed to provide an understanding of the dangers of high potency drugs, precautions for protection against exposure, how to identify overexposure, and respond in emergencies.

*Registration includes boxed luncheon.

**Please note: power strips will not be provided at each attendee's seat; however, charging stations for laptops will be provided in each course room.

Course Outline

• Basics of Opiate Chemistry and Pharmacology
• The Opioid Epidemic and Fentanyl in North America
• Supply Chains and Implications for Occupational Exposures
• Exposure Dynamics in Workplace Settings
• Exposure and Health Risk Assessment
• Protection Practices for Various Exposure Settings
• Decontamination Practices
• Symptoms of Overexposure
• Emergency Response 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

• Demonstrate an understanding of opiate chemistry and pharmacology.
• Explain key factors of the opioid epidemic in North America.
• Describe the supply chains for opiates and potential occupational exposures.
• Explain exposure dynamics in workplace settings.
• Use proxy variables to judge exposure risk potential.
• Determine appropriate protection practices.
• Choose appropriate decontamination practices.
• Define symptoms of overexposure.
• Outline steps for occupational exposure emergency response. 

Value Added

Participants will receive a high potency drug occupational risk assessment matrix, a list of references, and a slide set. 

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